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Finally, the weekend shoe you have been waiting for. Fun, Fashionable, Functionable, Floatable.

Ditch the flipflops and sandals – no one wants to see your toes. And the problem with clogs is your dignity drains out of the holes.

Our Max Weekender Slip-Ons are everything you could want in a stylish casual shoe to wear to the beach, the pool, the club, the boat, the gym, the spa, the shower or just running out to pick up bagels on a Sunday morning. Made from environmentally friendly, closed cell EVA foam, they are cool and comfortable with a snug fit for support and energizing insoles for a massage with every step.

  • Ventilation System – Keeps you cooler
  • Water Friendly – Drains water and they float
  • Massaging Insoles – Energize your feet
  • Snug Flexible Fit – Adds comfort & support
  • Waterproof– Great for the pool, beach&shower
  • Odor-Resistant – No more stinky feet
  • Stylish Lightweight Design – Wear them anywhere!

Men’s Shoe Size Chart

MEN’S US SHOE SIZES 8 – 8.5 (EU 42)

MEN’S US SHOE SIZES 9 – 9.5 (EU 43)

MEN’S US SHOE SIZES 10 – 10.5 (EU 44)

MEN’S US SHOE SIZES 11 – 11.5 (EU 45)

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Shoe Size

8 – 8.5 (EU 42), 9 – 9.5 (EU 43), 10 – 10.5 (EU 44), 11 – 11.5 (EU 45)

14 reviews for MAX WEEKENDER Slip-Ons

  1. Mike

    I’ve been wearing these shoes to the beach every day this week while on vacation in St. Barths. They are extremely comfortable on the sand and on the street.

  2. Patrick

    Finally found the perfects boat shoe. Lightweight, super comfortable and they don’t leave marks on the deck.

  3. David

    A dignified pair of beach shoes.

  4. Arnold

    These are great around the clubhouse and in the locker room. No more ugly shower shoes for me!

  5. leon

    These are now my “go to” shoes for running around on the weekends. They fit great, are light weight, breathable and the massaging insoles make every step more comfortable.

  6. Alan

    I wore these to the boat show, and I am not exaggerating, 10 different people stopped me and asked where I bought them.

  7. Allan

    Since retiring to Playa Del Carmen, my main source of exercise is walking. I found these are the perfect shoes long walks on the beach at the edge of the water. They provide good support, and the water drains out.

  8. Joe

    These shoes are great. I wear them every wear. Comfortable and lightweight. My wife drew the line and would not let me wear them to dinner on Saturday night.

  9. Jake

    I wear these when I work in my garden, but also out to run errands. Really comfortable.

  10. Jon

    These are really cool shoes. They look great, are cushiony and I can really wear them anywhere. I like them, because I can just slip them on like boat shoes, but they are super lightweight.

  11. Lionel

    I really like these shoes. The material is similar to crocs, but not nearly as ugly.

  12. Robert

    Love these shoes! I wish they came in more colors. I wear them everywhere I go on the weekends.

  13. Ed

    I just bought my 3rd pair. I now have them in all 3 colors. I wish they made more. I would love to get them for my son, but he wears a size 12, and the largest they make is 11 and that fits me and his foot is bigger than mine.

  14. Rodrigo

    I ordered these originally for after golf, but I wear them all weekend long. My wife told me she is getting tired of seeing me in them. I just ordered them in blue. Very, very comfortable!

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